LVDS can be considered as the Industry Leader in the Southern Cape, as we :

  • adopt a Proactive Approach to the protection of people & assets.
  • investigate the latest trends in order to always be, and remain, a step ahead.
  • are a wholly Black Economic Empowerment owned security company.
  • pay our staff above the legislated rates of remuneration.
  • have a comprehensive infrastructure with low staff turnover.
  • have complete investigative and undercover agents capabilities.
  • offer structured insurance cover for possible incidents
  • offer superior products and service at affordable value for money.
  • believe in transparency and support our clients and employees in suggestions & change.
  • are involved in the community support projects, eg. assistance during disasters as well as community upliftment by means of presentation of training to local persons, at no charge to the person, to the competent & accredited level of Grade C Security Officers as part of our social responsibility commitment. 
  • offer our staff various fringe benefits, promotion opportunities, a bonus & incentive scheme and detailed training & site specific induction.
  • ensure the best officer is placed at our client site by means of pre-employment qualification in terms of aptitude tests, criminal & related background checks, periodic & specific polygraph tests as well as a pre-placement needs analysis with the prospective client.